Jan 5, 2004
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As I think back on 2003 and look forward to 2004 to I wanted to take a few moments to thank our customers, to thank you all, for a number of different things. Most people, certainly me included, don't spend enough time giving thanks and saying thanks so I thought I would start the year off with a few thoughts in that regard.

Thank you for choosing to do business with us. This is a competitive market with many choices. The loyalty that you have shown as a group is amazing. At Tucows we have been talking for years about relationships. Even before Tucows was providing domain registration services we talked all the time about our relationships with software developers and ISPs that partnered with us (and still do) around our download libraries. I used to say at employee meetings that we were a company of relationships and relationships are a function of trust and trust is a function of time AND there was no substitute or shortcut for time. We need to work on relationships every day. You guys have responded to that and have made us feel, made me feel, like we have partners in that relationship. Thank you for that.

Thank you for thanking us. I get to attend many conferences and trade shows each year and wherever I go (and I mean wherever) I meet partners of ours. And you always thank Tucows. You thank us for putting you first. You thank us for talking to you and you thank us for listening. You thank us for being able to criticize us. Amazingly, even the few of you who choose to leave often take the time to thank us (and thank us for still being there when you come back). I like to send different people from the company to conferences from time to time simply to allow them to feel the warm feelings we receive from you all. It is great to feel appreciated and you make us, make me, feel appreciated all the time. Thank you for that.

Thank you for providing your customers with great service and for doing well in your businesses. First the big statement. You guys have effectively beaten the telcos and cablecos when it comes to Internet services. The only Internet service where they have any traction is broadband and that is because of infrastructure, legal and regulatory reasons. NOT because of service. NOT because of strategy. We only do well when you do well and you are doing well. You deserve it. You work hard and you work smart. You value your customers relationships like we value yours. You recognize that services are rarely bought on price and when they are it is usually by those not interested in long-term relationships. Many years ago we made a bet, I made a bet, on small and medium-sized service providers. Thanks you for justifying that faith.

I consider myself very lucky on both a personal and professional level. I am lucky to work with and for all of the people who make up Tucows. I am lucky to have the great customer relationships with all of you. Thanks to all of you and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2004.

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