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Oct 15, 2011
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First Post?

I have decided to do a little blogging again. Well more accurately, a little writing.

I never did much. In the 2003/4 timeframe, as blogging was taking off and we were launching the now faded blogware platform, I did write some. All of those posts are archived here.

The writing I will do here is stuff that does not perfectly fit on the OpenSRS or Tucows blogs. Of course some of what I write will be published there, but when I am writing about things like Internet politics it feels more “Elliot” than “Tucows CEO”. It seems right that it should originate here.


I am elliot noss.

for more on me see the google results.

for picture see google or flickr.

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some of my old blog posts here.

my icannwiki profile is here.